Saturday, August 6, 2016

MASH Ales of Summer Beer Judging

Time to get back on that horse. Blogging. Beer Judging. Brewing. All of those things. You head to Europe for several weeks, and all of your momentum is dashed in one long, extended swoop of non-United States fun. Like exploring the world of Irish craft beer. Or going to Cantillon. But as per usual, I digress. So back to the task at hand: MASH Ales of Summer.

This was a nice, small competition: a morning flight, lunch, then the BOS. The competition was held at Cellar Dweller (aka Valley Vineyards), and was smooth and clean. So I was back home in time to ride out and meet Elli on the way home from work. Proper. Results for the competition are to be found here. See you again soon.


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