Thursday, March 11, 2010

254. Ise Kadoya Triple Hop Ale

Today’s offering comes from the Ise Kadoya Microbrewery in Ise, Japan, where they have been producing beer since 1997.

Triple Hop Ale pours a crystal clear golden copper color with a long lasting mousse-y white head; the nose has a mix of malt and hops, with the malt sweet and hops lightly spicy. The flavor begins with malty sweetness that moves into hop bitterness in the middle, along with some paper flavor, and finishes dry with bready malt flavors and some lingering oxidized/paper flavors. There is also a light twang of lager-esque hop bitterness/soapiness at the end. Triple Hop is medium bodied with a mix of dry crispness and sweetness, and the carbonation is medium, but soft on the palate. There is some brightness and sharpness, but that is more beer body than carbonation. Interesting, but not the best tasting beer; we’re not sure if this is from age, the effects of travel, or something else. Triple Hop does taste more like a souped-up Japanese lager, with slightly more malt and hops. While there might be a slightly fruity flavor that develops in the front and middle as it warms, Triple Hop still could use a bit more body and hoppiness—as is, it is more akin to triple hopped Miller Lite.

From the bottle: “Ise Kadoya has made miso and soy sauce according to ancient tradition in a centuries-old wood building in old Ise, and now brews beer in small batches in the same traditional, natural way.”

From the Ise Kadoya website: “This beer is extremely popular among our Pale Ale fans. Our recipe and its particular mix of three different kinds of hops creates a more complex and richer flavor than our Pale Ale by extracting the optimal amount of flavor and bitterness to create a clean finish. This Triple Hop Pale Ale has a short shelf-life since it is quickly snapped up by our fans.”

ABV: 5.0%


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