Sunday, March 20, 2016

Barrel Project Lambic Solera First Pull

Today was the inaugural pull from the Lambic Solera Barrel. I didn’t realize that it was one year to the day from the last addition until I got home and started bottling the first three gallons. Anyway, we pulled six gallons total, three which got bottled straight, and three that got put onto three pounds of Michigan tart cherries. The smaller pull was to see where the beer was at; it seems headed in a positive direction currently (see below), so the plan is for a larger 20-25 gallon pull later in the summer. After the the initial pull, we topped the barrel off with almost ten gallons of 221. New Year’s Lambic and 222. Lambic Party

As to the beer coming out of the barrel, it was bright, tart, and crisply acidic. There is still a fair amount of bourbon in the beer—that will most likely take several more pulls to completely work itself out—but it is balanced by the tannic oak character. It was not as funky or developed as some of the other lambics I’ve made that were of a similar age, but we can wait and how this plays out over time. Certainly a very drinkable and enjoyable beer, even flat straight outta the barrel. I’m looking forward to seeing what it tastes like when it is carbonated.

Solera 1: Three gallons
Bottled: 3/20/2016 w/ 2.5 oz. table sugar

Tasting Notes:

Solera 2: Three gallons racked onto 3 lbs. of Michigan tart cherries
Secondary: 3/20/2016

Tasting Notes: