Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dayton Beerfest Beer Judging

Today was Beerfest, the DRAFT yearly shindig. And since I am a sucker for volunteering, I ended up being the Cellar Master. This meant I was in charge of the stewards, and handing out beers to those stewards to give to the judges. With 186 entries, that meant there was a lot of beer to shepherd around—let’s see you keep 186 beers straight during the course of a single day. I didn’t think so, Mr. Wizard. And yes, I am gendering my insults male. If my use of specifically male-focused language to bag on what I see as predominantly masculine behavior patterns really bothers you, I suggest you address your concerns to me in the form of a sestina, a rondeau, or maybe even a haiku. How about a villanelle? You can even try some heroic couplets if you feel your larger versification skills are on the outs. Just as long as it is poetic, and not a limerick. Because, let’s be honest, clever and witty repartee is always welcome. And after spending a day doling out beer, some of that is needed. That, and drinking a couple of the left over entries. Hey, I wasn’t judging beer all day, so I needed it. And they went down smooth...


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