Sunday, March 27, 2011

466. Ommegang Tripel Perfection

It looks like that whole hiding beer in the basement is paying dividends again. This is our latest from Brewery Ommegang. We’ve been sitting on it for a while, although it would appear that we didn’t sit on it quite enough. Alas, alas, with that 20/15 hindsight. Previous exercises in libation consumption include Zuur, Three Philosophers, Hennepin, Bière de Mars, and Witte. Ah, the tasty, tasty solace...

Tripel Perfection, a limited release from Ommegang, pours a hazy golden orange with a spritzy white head that doesn’t have much volume but does have good staying power along with plentiful small white bubbles. The nose consists of juicy fruit esters, spices, and a delicate floral perfume-y character. Elli adds “it also smells like bananas that someone needs to throw away.” Flavors start with light malt and Belgian candy sweetness before moving into a fruity middle that features hints of banana, apple, and apricot. There is also some stickiness in the middle and finish, although as the beer warms, the overly sweet components drop off. The finish is sweet but dry, and there is a slight metallic tinge at the back of the tongue. There is also a touch of alcohol in the finish, both in flavor and in warmth; it . The mouthfeel is sweet, doughy, and sticky—it tastes not quite finished; while the flavors are good, it is still a bit uneven in regards to the malt stickiness and the alcohol warmth. We probably should have waited longer before drinking this—the bottle says best by 2013—but we figured we should give it a run. And, after all, any beer from Ommegang is pretty much worth drinking.

From the bottle: “The tripel is among the most popular of Belgian ales. Brewed with simple ingredients and fierce attention to detail, there is little room for error—but lots of opportunity. Perfection isn’t easily achieved—but once achieved it is always memorable.”

Bottled: 3/15/2010
ABV: 8.9%

Where can I find me some of that Gnomegang?


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