Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ernest Hemingway and Ballantine

“You have to work hard to deserve to drink it. But I would rather have a bottle of Ballantine Ale than any other drink after fighting a really big fish. When something has been taken out of you by strenuous exercise, Ballantine puts it back in.”

Oh hell yes. This morning, I was reading the New York Time Book Review when I came across Tony Perrottet’s end-page essay “Building the Brand” that included a Ballantine ad featuring Ernest Hemingway. Yes, that Ernest Hemingway. You know, of “Get Your Manliness On” fame. While I am sure others in the blogosphere have already noted this, I feel compelled to include my voice in the (hopefully growing) cacophony because, seriously, can you really ever get enough Ernest Hemingway Ballantine ads? But we all already know the answer to that one...

Also, check out the link in Perrottet’s article to Paul Devlin’s “For Whom the Shill Toils” from Slate in 2006. Pure genius.


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