Thursday, October 6, 2011

Three Floyds comes to Ohio

While I’m not telling anyone anything new here, I did want to at least acknowledge that all our lives are now a bit brighter. This means that, on occasion, I can score 22s of Dreadnaught and Behemoth locally, like I did last week at Belmont Party Supply, or enjoy Three Floyds on tap, like I did earlier this evening at the Trolley Stop, where they had Broo Doo Harvest Ale, Arctic Panzer Wolf, Munster Fest, and Alpha King all on tap. Yes, I tried all of them. Man, that was nice. Welcome back, Three Floyds.

Broo Doo reminded me of the Fresh Hop beer I made last year with hops off the bike path (although, let’s be honest, their version is far superior)—complex and subtle hop character that is both fruity and slightly spicy with a delightful lingering bright bitterness. It was also far better that the “aged” bottle I inadvertently acquired. Alpha King was Alpha King, which means it was stupendous, while Munster Fest was the best American Oktoberfest I’ve had thus far this year. And can anyone tell me the actual differences between Dreadnaught and Arctic Panzer Wolf? Both are super approachable; while Panzer is a bit lighter in the body (if I recall correctly), I’ve never had a chance to compare them side by side (since I already drank the Dreadnaught I got last week). Maybe someday...

And Aaron, keep your damn spoon out of my beer.


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