Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our New Year’s Tidings

As the holidays wind on down to their inevitable conclusion, I just want all of you out there to know that we’ve been putting in extra special effort to keep it classy round these here parts. And please remember, we do all of this hard hard work for you. And you alone. It ain’t easy working this hard and looking this good, but when it all comes together, then we know we’ve done something special. And so do you. So cheers for keep on keeping on in 2012, and remember that nothing says classy like a pyramid of Oly tall boys. And please, do note the lifted pinky in the picture. Because nothing says classy like the pointy pinky, even when you’re drinking out of a can. That’s how we keep it classy, all year long. No sacrifice is too big nor beer too low for yours truly. I hope I can count as true the same from all of our lovely readers. Word.


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