Friday, May 18, 2012

Dayton Beer Company

Welcome, Dayton Beer Company.

Today, I had my first beer that was professionally brewed in Dayton (well, Kettering, but I’m not going to be too nit-picky). Sure, I brew my own, and I know several others who make professional caliber beer, but this one had the correct licensing, and can sell it and all. Well, at least without finding themselves in legal trouble. Hence the professional moniker. I met up with Elli after she got off work—I road up and she rode down, and we met in the middle for a pint. We both had the Inventors IPA. Not too bad, overall. The strength was the hop profile and the bitterness, which was nice. The weakness was the muddy malt character and too-low level of carbonation. I know the beer is unfiltered, but as Elli observed, “it looks like they shaked the keg up before serving it.” The abundance of yeast flattened the malt character, leaving it indistinct and slightly gummy—it clouded the otherwise pleasant hop flavor and bitterness (and it did kill the aroma as well). Still, we’ll chalk this up to opening weekend jitters, and try it again in the future. We were going to buy a growler of something else to take with us, but it appears that they hadn’t gotten their labels approved yet. So again, next time. Still, it’s nice to have the option for beer made here. Here’s to more of the same soon.  


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