Thursday, December 20, 2012

February Rockit Cup: Grinder’s Mild

Another British beer for the Rockit Cup, the idea being that anyone who brews this will also be able to enter it in the SODZ British Beerfest held a week or two later (they haven’t posted the details for it yet, but the basic parameters are still up from last year). Thanks to Chris Wyatt for the recipe!

February Rockit Cup: Grinder’s Mild
6 lbs. Maris Otter
½ lb. Torrified Wheat
¼ lb. Rolled Oats
¼ lb. Dark Crystal (80-120)
2 oz. Chocolate
1.5 oz. Black

Mash at 155˚ F for 60 minutes

1 oz. EKG @ 60

Wyeast 1968, 1728, or 1318

Ferment at 67˚ F and carbonate to 2.0 volumes; Chris suggested incorporating a “¼ cup crusty damp dark brown fudgy sugar” with whatever you use to carbonate the beer (i.e. not in addition to, but in replacement of)—if you’re going to force carbonate it, feel free to throw the sugar in the boil with 5 minutes to go.

Let’s get brewing!

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