Friday, June 14, 2013

August Rockit Cup: Choose Your Own Yeast American Weissbier

This is another single-variable Rockit Cup extravaganza, with yeast being that variable. As to the recipe, it is based on a historical recipe I found here; I’ve already brewed one version with another on the way, and I think it well worth experimenting with different yeasts to explore the possibilities to be found in corn. I told Jeff Alworth (of Beervana fame) that I would pass along bottles from those of you who are interested in participating.

August Rockit Cup: Choose Your Own Yeast American Weissbier
OG: 1.049 @ 70%
FG: 1.012
IBU: 31.4
Color: 2.8 SRM
ABV: 4.9 %
(I calculated using WLP 300 Hefeweizen, so FG numbers will vary)

5 lbs. Breiss 6-row
3 lbs. Breiss Flaked Maize
2 lbs. Breiss White Wheat

Mash @ 152° F for 60 minutes [Update: if the fluid in the mash tun isn’t clear after 60, feel free to extend the mash to get full conversion; my more recent version required an extra 15 minutes]

60 minute boil

1 oz. Cluster @ 60

Choose your own yeast adventure

Ferment @ 68.0° F

Carbonate to 2.0 volumes

Here’s to corn!


  1. I'll be using White Labs 510 Bastogne yeast for mine.

  2. WLP400 from the Wit fermenting now

  3. I will be using 3942 Belgian wheat & if enough time allows 3463 Forbidden Fruit.

  4. I will be using Wyeast Irish ale yeast. This should be a fun and interesting beer.

  5. Sour mash split into two 3 gallon batches: WLP510 Bastogne (again) and ECY19 Brettanomyces custersianus