Saturday, October 19, 2013

CMI Oktobersbest Zinzinnati 2013 Beer Judging

This year’s Oktobersbest was all about more good times in a round, round hotel. Unlike last year, Scott LaFollette’s opening presentation was interesting, useful, and to the point. No made up material, or material embellished to make the speaker sound grandiose. I do wish Jeffrey would have heckled Scott, but I also understand why he didn’t.

I judged Porters in the morning flight, and Belgian & French in the afternoon flight. The morning flight was a bit underwhelming overall, but that is bound to happen. The afternoon flight, however, featured some good beers, specifically Jon Covey’s Hibiscus Saison, which I thought was the best beer in the flight. But nobody puts Frank Barickman in a corner. And, to be fair, the beer Frank wanted to pass did end up winning Best in Show, so maybe he was onto something there.

After a quick trip to the Party Source to score some Crooked Stave beers, it was back to Dayton.

And you can find the results here.


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