Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Belgium and Dayton Metroparks

New Belgium is finally coming to Ohio, and last night was one of the initial roll out events celebrating this fact. While I am not cool enough to score an invitation, Elli certainly is. Specifically because she works at K & G, which is a local bike store. In case you weren’t aware, New Belgium loves bicycling. And sustainability. And, it would appear, Five Rivers MetroParks: for every case of New Belgium beer sold in Ohio in 2014, $1 will go to Five Rivers MetroParks. That’s some solid commitment. Hells yes.

So last night I enjoyed the burgeoning fruits of new beer distribution in the state. Besides Ranger IPA, I got to sample Accumulation, their winter seasonal White IPA. I’ve had Ranger before, so there were no surprises there, and Accumulation is precisely what you would expect—light, bright, slightly tropical, and very drinkable. So good stuff. It’s even better when free, but we all already knew that. I’m more excited about the potential for Lips of Faith beers, but lets not put the cart before the horse. I also heard about the initial distribution plans for New Belgium beer tomorrow via bicycle, which sounds certainly worth getting dressed up for in all my wintery finest. Cold, yes—it is supposed to be in the mid-20s tomorrow—but certainly worth it. I’ll keep you all posted tomorrow how it goes!


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