Friday, February 14, 2014

Rockit Cup Robust Porter Recap

A smaller, more intimate Rockit Cup this month, with three contestants: Wes Davis, Matt Young, and John Hoke. I was out of town for the Craft Writing: Beer, the Digital, and Craft Culture conference in Lexington, KY, so my version of the Rockit Cup was forced to stay home and pout. Actually, it had just been bottled, so it wasn’t really ready to go. But this is more of that digression stuff. Narration of the evening’s events are provided by Wes:

“John’s was light in color because he did not have enough dark malt, and it was also a bit more hoppy on the nose. Matt’s and mine looked identical, but mine had more head because it was over-carbed. In the end, the rankings were unanimous.”
And those rankings are:

1st: Wes Davis
2nd: Matt Young
3rd: John Hoke

I’m not sure how over-carbonation led to a victory for Wes, but then I am merely reporting the facts. Please do not, as they say, kill the messenger. I’ll make sure to bring a bottle of my now-carbonated Rockit Cup Robust Porter as a wonderful door prize to all three of our lovely contestants. After all, someone needs to help me drink it!


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