Wednesday, June 9, 2010

344. Rogue John John Juniper Ale

Lucky number 13: we continue to pile up massive numbers on Rogue; this beer is the second in the John John series, and our thirteenth Rogue beer for the year. The run down includes First Growth Single Malt Ale, Dead Guy, Shark Tooth Ale, John John Dead Guy, Mogul Madness, Dirtoir Black Lager, Yellow Snow IPA, Chipotle Ale, First Growth Wet Hop Ale, Juniper Pale Ale, Maierfest and Capt’n Sig’s Northwestern Ale. Is there a Rogue we won’t drink? Until they make a vomit flavored beer, we don’t think so...

Triple J pours the color of toasty bread crust, and is a bit hazy with a fine creamy white head; the carbonation is small and bright in the glass. The nose is lightly bready, but only lightly—there is not much going on in the nose, at least not when first poured. Flavors begin with a light soft toasty breadiness in the front; the middle has some dryness and bitterness and a light juniper flavor that lingers into the finish, which has a more pronounced bitterness as well as a light spruce flavor. The bitterness and the spruce linger on the palate; as they dissipate, there is a light alcohol/gin flavor that emerges at the back of the throat. John John Juniper has a medium body with a creamy, soft mouthfeel, and the carbonation is bright in the glass but soft in the mouth. Overall, Triple J is clean and very well balanced, although not much different than the regular Juniper Pale Ale. In fact, the only really perceptible difference is the presence of the spruce flavor that mutes the juniper (either that, or a bit less overall juniper flavor), and the light alcohol/gin taste that lingers after the beer leaves the palate. As well, we are very glad to see that while Rogue continues to experiment, that they are not just running full-tilt into the gi-normous big beer craze—John John Juniper is subtle, nuanced, and an easy-drinkin’, well-made beer. Keep on keepin’ on, Rogue.

Here’s the pint of John John Juniper I had in SF

From the Rogue website: “In their second collaboration effort, Rogue Master Brewer, John Maier, and Master Distiller, John Couchot are releasing John John Juniper Pale Ale. This ale consists of Rogue Juniper Pale Ale aged in Rogue’s Juniper Gin barrels. Gin lovers will recognize the oddity in this approach – gin is not typically aged in barrels.To craft this unique brew, John Couchot aged the Gin in oak barrels so the barrels can soak up the flavor of the gin. The barrels are then emptied and rolled by forklift from the Rogue Distillery to the Rogue Brewery. John Maier later fills these barrels with Juniper Pale Ale so that his creation can absorb the gin flavors from the barrel.”

IBU: 34
OG: 13° P
Malts: Harrington, Crystal, Triumph, C-15, & Rogue Micro Barley Farm Dare
Hops: Sterling, Golding, Amarillo, & Rogue Farm Willamette
Other ingredients: Juniper Berries


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