Sunday, October 11, 2009

103. Rogue Maierfest Lager

Our second beer from Rogue; our last one was Capt’n Sig’s Northwestern Ale. More Rogue = good times. And around here, we’re all about the good times...

Maierfest is a hazy soft orange copper color with a creamy ivory head. The nose is bready, malty, and sweet with no discernable hop aroma. The sweet front starts more bready than toasty and then move into a toasted malt middle with some bite from the carbonation, closing with light spiciness and bitterness (very light) and a clean finish—it has the usual lager finish, but it hangs on the palate more. Bitterness does emerge on the tongue well after the beer has been swallowed and is gone; as the sweetness departs, the hop bitterness does come to the forefront, which we thought was a rather neat trick, intentional or not. The mouthfeel is soft and creamy, and the carbonation is pleasant and well-rounded on the mouth. Maierfest is well balanced across the palate with an interesting malt profile that carries the beer well. And chiggity-check John wearing that sweet hop vine on the label.

From the Rogue website: “Over the years, the traditional Oktoberfest style from the major Munich breweries has lost a lot of character and has turned into almost a ‘Helles’ style. Maierfest is dark gold in color with a solid off-white foam stand. It has a rich German malt aroma and a very distinct and complex maltness. The finish is dry.” Rogue Brewmaster John Maier

OG: 14º P
IBU: 29
Malts: Durst Pilsner, Durst Munich and Weyermann Acidulated
Hops: Oregon Perle
Yeast: Oktoberfest 2633


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