Tuesday, October 20, 2009

112. Avery 16th Anniversary Ale

Our first beer from Avery Brewing, which is in Boulder, CO.

Described as an ale brewed with jasmine flowers, peaches, and honey, Avery’s Anniversary Ale has a clear straw color and a full creamy white head. The nose is complex—there are both yeasty and estery notes, along with honey, spice, and pepper aromas, finished off with citrus scents, specifically orange blossom and flowery aromas. The sweet malt front of Avery Anniversary carries with it honey flavors as it moves into a spicy and peppery middle, finishing clean and dry with a few sour notes and some tanginess that could be peaches. The mouthfeel is soft and creamy with a decent bite from the effervescent carbonation, and the body is light. With warmth comes an increased spiciness and a more noticeable and discernable peach flavor. A solid and effective beer—a bit more malt complexity in the front might be nice, but with the high attenuation that comes with saisons, that might be hard. The rest of the flavors are spot on.

From the Avery website: “Finally, we’re SIXTEEN! Dad, can we have the keys? No really, we’ll totally take care of her—keep her clean—fill up her tanks—show her off to our friends and let ’em see what we can really do. Really? Thanks, dude! Promise to make you proud. Now to go find Jasmin, Peches and Miel! Well, we got her started and decided to add a few things to the tank. SIXTEEN is a harmonious combination of jasmine, peaches and honey fermented with an unmistakable Belgian yeast strain, all weaving a marvelously spicy and fruity, massively estery and dry, saison ale.”

ABV: 7.69%
OG: 1.065
Malts: Two-row barley, pale malted wheat
Adjuncts: peaches, jasmine and honey


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