Friday, October 9, 2009

101. Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter

From the Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD.

Gonzo Imperial Porter has a roasted malt aroma with alcohol notes as well; it is an opaque black with orange highlights and a brown creamy head. The front has a burnt roasty malt to start, moving into a chewy thick middle with more roasted and chocolate notes, and finishes with some bitterness from the hops, some molasses flavors, and some lingering astringency. There is no real fruit presence in the flavor; the mouthfeel is slick and viscous as well as a bit thin with some creaminess across the palate. For the IBU load, there is not a lot of bitterness; either that, or the bitterness gets lost in the roastiness of the malt profile. The finish is not the best—tad too drawn out, and the lingering astringency detracts from the overall enjoyment of the beer. Overall, while not a bad beer, it is probably on the least likely to drink again list.

From the Flying Dog website: “Like Hunter S. Thompson...Gonzo Imperial Porter is deep and complex. This turbo charged version of the Road Dog Porter is mysteriously dark with a rich and malty body, intense roasted flavors, and a surprisingly unique hop kick. With Gonzo weighing in at 7.8% ABV, it will bite you in the ass if you don't show it the proper respect.”

ABV: 7.8%
IBU: 85
OG: 22° P


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