Sunday, October 17, 2010

420. Brooklyn Detonation Double IPA

I scored this at the Party Source in Newport, KY; we swung by there after Oktoberbest yesterday and I couldn’t say no—Brooklyn Brewmaster’s Series on tap? Hello, that’s why growlers were invented! Previously, we’ve tried Brooklyn Katz, Summer Ale, Sorachi Ace, Black Ops 2010, East India Pale Ale and Pennant Ale ’55. That makes Detonation lucky number 7. True that.

Pouring a hazy rich and bright copper, Detonation has a thin ivory head that hangs around—it rings the glass, but still has a light cover even half way through the glass. The nose is spicy and piney with some citrus underneath; there is a fair amount of sweet maltiness to balance the hop presence, and a gentle soft creamy aroma that rounds things out. Once it is in the mouth, soft biscuit sweetness covers the tongue followed quickly by an evergreen and citrus hop tang that envelopes the mouth. As the hop flavors recede, a pleasant bitterness emerges, balancing well with the creamy biscuit malt flavors and the mineral tang that rises with the carbonation bite as the beer turns to the finish. Resin, pine, and spicy hop flavor makes up the finish, although there is a touch of citrus—lemon, orange, and grapefruit—adding their zing to the beer. There is a long, lingering bitterness as the flavors recede, and just a touch of alcohol warmth. With a medium to heavy body and a medium carbonation, Detonation has chewy mouthfeel made lighter by both the hop bitterness and carbonation. There is a bit of hop grassiness and sharpness that develops in the beer as it warms; while there are some of the hallmarks of a bigger beer—heavier mouthfeel, large hop presence, and the alcohol warmth at the end—Detonation goes down smooth and easy. If I was out and found this on tap, I could easily see me getting myself in trouble. But my behavior (or lack thereof) is not the point here—it is, rather, the beer. And Detonation is just about perfect for that lazy Sunday afternoon, out on the back porch enjoying one of the last waning days of summer, the bite of fall already creeping into the early evening. Detonation takes the chill off, or, to put it into a metaphoric construction more in keeping with the name, Detonation is droppin’ bombs on your moms.

From the Brooklyn website: “For about eight years now, we’ve brewed a Brooklyn-style hop monster called BLAST! It’s a robust IPA using both British and Pacific Northwest hops. We haven’t had enough space to brew much of it, but we hear that people really enjoy BLAST! when it shows up. And it’s one of our favorite beers here at the brewery. Well, now we’d like more of you to see our hoppier side. Meet BLAST!’s big brother, Brooklyn Detonation Ale. It’s a copper-colored pale ale with British malt character, American hop ebullience, Brooklyn attitude and disturbing drinkability. British caramel malts lend richness and depth, while a blend of American hops give the beer a minerally backbone and explosive aromatics (with a special guest appearance by our pal East Kent Golding as ‘The English Aristocrat’). Brooklyn Detonation Ale is mighty tasty. It probably even gives you fresher breath and whiter teeth, but we can’t prove that part. Nor can we support the claim that it concentrates the mind on life’s better aspects. However, we can guarantee that it’s terrific with pork tacos, Thai food, Indian dishes, burgers, and sharp cheeses. So have yourself some Brooklyn Detonation Ale–after all, isn’t it about time you blew up?”

Malts: British floor malted Maris Otter, German pilsner malt, British crystal malt
Other sugars: First pressing Demerara sugar, Mauritius
Hops: Willamette, Amarillo, Palisade, Sorachi Ace, Simcoe, Cascade & East Kent Golding
O.G.: 21.5° P
ABV: 10.2%

You check out that crazy fool the English Aristocrat? Yo, that’s who’s dropping those bombs on your moms...


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