Saturday, November 20, 2010

429. Founders Newaygo County Cherry

Nothing says holiday cheer like fancy beer. And Founders is just the brewery to make that holiday cheer even more special. We had this beer on tap at South Park Tavern as part of their Barrel Aged Beer Fest. Previously from Founders we’ve tried Devil Dancer, Pale Ale, KBS (as a bonus beer), Centennial IPA, Black Biscuit, Harvest Ale and Breakfast Stout.

Newaygo County Cherry is Cerise that has been aged in a bourbon barrel. And let’s just say that the bourbon and oak comes through on this one. The body is a clear pale reddish tan color, with a slight spritzy head that is creamy (which could also be from the oak). Flavors are equal parts cherry, vanilla oak creaminess (or, in other words, American oak), and bourbon, which also describes the nose (although the body has a much better balance between the three than does the nose). Basically, it tastes pretty much like an alcoholic seltzer, although I do mean that in the best possible way. The strength is the simultaneous subtlety and complexity of the cherry flavor, particularly in relation to the oak and bourbon; I’d like a chance to drink this in conjunction with Cerise to better compare the two, although something tells me that won’t be happening anytime in the near future.

ABV: 7.0%


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