Saturday, February 11, 2012

CMI All-American Beer Judging

This day of judging was a little harder than others. First, the DRAFT club meeting was the night before, so needless to say, I was feeling a little slow this morning. My only consolation: so was Jeffrey, who foolishly agreed to drive down to Cincinnati. Also, thankfully, the competition didn’t start until noon. And since there was some slight chaos in regards to organization, Jeffrey and I were able to sneak off to score some food before judging got under way—both of us were too stupid to think to grab something on the drive down from Dayton.

First beer of the day: a much more reasonable time.

Mercifully, there was an abundance of judges as well. I judged APAs with Ben Seifker from SODZ; we only had to judge five beers since there were 12 judges for APAs along with a queued pull. And if I recall, we actually got through more than our share. In other words, this was certainly what I would call an easy point. Afterwards, Jeffrey and I voted to forego our free tickets to the Cincy Winter Beerfest, and instead head back to Dayton. Sad, but true. We did at least swing by the Comet for a beer and a burrito to bolster ourselves for the drive home. Northside! Oh, and results are here.


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