Friday, February 24, 2012

SODZ British Beer Fest Judging

Another bright, sunshiny morning that found Jeff, Jeffrey, and myself rolling towards Columbus. Unlike two weeks ago, when Jeffrey was the sucker driving, this time it was my turn for early morning suffering, especially since judging began at the more traditional 9 a.m. as opposed to the benevolent and generous noonish of the last event. Plus, since I was hand carrying my entries, that bumped up our arrival time to 8:30 a.m. Good times!

First beer of the day: right along at the crack of suffering...

And, like last year, this year’s event was at the Winking Lizard. Ugh. So painful. Maybe someday, men will roundly realize that gratuitous references to their junk aren’t really that clever. Or funny. Or interesting. Something tells me not to hold my breath, though. Unless I’m looking to be deaded.

But I digress, as is my wont. This was another easy judging day—one morning flight, then onto the awards. I judged 12. Porters: we had 28 beers between three sets of judges, and there were several enjoyable beers, topped out by Gordon Strong’s Brown Porter, which was, well, delicious. And the beers I entered managed to do reasonably well: my Rockit Cup Scottish 60 Schilling ended up second in Scottish and Irish Ales category, and the Lucci Cup Scottish 80 Schilling I made precisely for this event made it to the mini-BOS for the Lucci Cup, so that was nice to see. I even got a ribbon! Hooray! The ride home to Dayton was about as festive as the ride to Columbus, the only exception being it was Jeffrey sleeping in the backseat while Jeff kept me company for the ride home. For all the results, see here. Thanks, SODZ! See you next year!


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