Saturday, February 16, 2013

More Brett Beers Brewday

Say that ten times fast, funny guy.

So today was all about producing more wort to dispense out onto various Brettanomyces yeast cakes made available by racking other beer off into secondaries. Simple, huh? What I discovered was that the ECY04 did its job, but the ECY05 is not pleased about the currently cooler temperatures in my house—it had only dropped to 1.040 from the initial 1.060. It also had a syrupy, viscious mouthfeel, something akin to what I would expect from the descriptions I’ve read regarding the “sick phase” that lambics pass through in the winter months. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens when the temperatures start to warm up. After all, now I’ve got two 3 gallon carboys with ECY05, so we can see if the newest versions gets any farther in a more timely manner.

138. More Brett Beers
6 lbs. MFB Pale
2 lbs. Weyermann Pilsen
1 lb. MFB Vienna
1 lb. White Wheat

Mash @ 148° F for 70 minutes w/ 3 gallons of RO water & 2 g. gypsum; collected 2 gallons @ 1.076
Batch sparge @ 165° F for 20 minutes w/ 4 gallons RO water & 2 g. gypsum; collected 4 gallons @ 1.028

Collected 5 gallons; topped off with 1 gallon RO water, brought to a boil (70 minutes), & added:
w/60 to go: 1 ½ oz. Magnum pellet 10.0% AA

w/10 to go: 1 oz. Magnum pellet 10.0% AA

Chilled, and split batch onto yeasts cakes in two 3 gallon carboys:
138a. yeast cake of 100a. Wild Yeast Lambic Raspberry & ECY04 BrettBlend #1
Brewed: 2/16/2013
Secondary: 5/10/2013 @ 1.000
Bottled: 6/10/2013 w/ 2.5 oz. table sugar

OG: 1.042 @ 73° F; dropped to 64° F over first 24 hours
FG: 1.000

138b. yeast cake of 132b. ECY05 Brett Blend #9
Brewed: 2/16/2013
Secondary: 7/25/2013 @ 1.002

OG: 1.042 @ 73° F; dropped to 64° F over first 24 hours

Tasting Notes:

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