Thursday, April 4, 2013

Osborn Brewing Hop Farm Kickstarter Campaign

As the reigning Fresh Hop King of Ohio, I am very excited about the possibilities of Osborn Brewing’s Southwest Ohio Hop Farm Kickstarter Campaign:

“We are in the process of turning 86 acres of land into a hop farm. This will provide locally sourced hops to area brewers from the hobby to professional scale. This also means that when it comes time to harvest, brewers will have a source of fresh wet hops to use in their seasonal brews. Part of the money raised by your backing will go towards making this a reality. By backing this project, you will help bring us closer to having 100% locally made beers in our area.”
A local hop farm would mean that I could get fresh hops from more places than the bike paths surrounding Dayton, and/or the indulgences of my neighbors. While both are certaqinly sources for fresh hops, something tells me that an actual hop farm would, in the long run, be far more helpful. Far more helpful. Thus, I went with the $100 pledge, mainly because it gets me a full pound of the first harvest of hops. Brent, can I trade the other rewards for another pound of those future hops? After all, that’s what Im down for: the hops. As should all of you out there as well. So go check it out, and throw your support behind something that will help take local homebrewing to the next level.
And Brent, why wasnt making a fresh hop beer with me one of the potential rewards, you cheap bastard?


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  1. Since brewing with Jefferey and Fortney seems to have driven off support, I would be happy to add you as a reward!
    Thank you for your support Tom!