Sunday, September 29, 2013

574. Triton Fieldhouse Wheat

The cyclo-cross season is upon us. Which means that for the next three months, my Sundays will involve driving to other cities for bike racing. The upside to all that driving? Hitting new breweries in the town de jour of the day. Today is Indianapolis, and Triton Brewing, which is located in a huge-ass building nestled amongst what appears to be the remnants of an old Army base—the buildings in the area certainly all give off that vibe. We tried several of the beers on draft, including Rail Splitter IPA, but I went with the non-traditional beer because, well, I liked it better. The common theme amongst all the beers we tried were that they were cold, clean, and carbonated. Amen to that, brothers.

Fieldhouse Wheat pours a brilliantly clear yellow with a creamy white head; you could see the bright carbonation streaming up the side of the glass in small, tight bubbles. The nose is a mix of bread dough and lemon bitterness, while flavors open with a dry cracker malt character followed by gummy wheatiness and hop bitterness in the middle. In the finish, there is lemon zest and a clean mineral bitterness. The light body is clean with bright carbonation. This beer is in the same vein as Three Floyd’s Gumballhead in regards to American Wheat beers, although this one is cleaner and lighter on the palate. And there’s that word again: clean. Which really sums up all the beers we had at Triton. Still, this beer could easily pass as an ultra-light APA, and it was both very approachable and easy drinking. Nice job, Triton.

From the website: “An American Wheat Ale the way it’s supposed to be. Crisp and refreshing, golden in color with a white head, the Fieldhouse Wheat is moderately hopped with Falconer’s Flight hops for a thoroughly friendly experience.”

ABV: 5.4%
IBU: 25
Hops: Falconer’s Flight


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