Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rockit Cup Mini-Cask Fest Brewday

As promised, my Rockit Cup beer for the December Mini-Cask Fest is the December 2012 Northern English Brown, the one Rockit Cup beer I didn’t make. Check that one off my to do list. After this, it will be back to finishing out all of the other Brettanomyces projects I have cluttering the house, and then on to next year’s focal style: for 2014, saison is the beer of the year.

160. December 2012 Rockit Cup: Northern English Brown
8 lbs. Maris Otter
12 oz. Caravienne
12 oz. Special Roast
4 oz. Chocolate
4 oz. Pale Chocolate

Mash at 154˚ F for 60 minutes w/ 3 gallons RO water & 2 g. gypsum; collected almost 2 gallons @ 1.084
Batch sparge @ 165° F for 20 minutes w/ 4 gallons RO water; collected 4 gallons @ 1.026

Collected 6 gallons; topped off to 7 gallons, brought to a boil (60 minutes), & added:
FWH: ½ oz. EKG leaf 5.41% AA

w/60 to go: ¾ oz. EKG leaf 5.41% AA

w/ 10 to go: ¾ oz. EKG leaf 5.41% AA

Chilled, racked to carboy, and pitched Wyeast 1098 British Ale

Primary: 11/20/2013 @ 70˚ F

OG: 1.050

Tasting Notes:


  1. I'm confused. Isn't the beer of the year for you saison every year?

  2. Quite possibly. But I am planning on brewing mainly saisons over the course of 2014, experimenting with yeasts, hops, grains, and ingredients, much like I did with all of the Brettanomyces beers this year. Sounds like a win-win to me.