Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dayton Brewvet Practice Ride #1

So today I took a spin from Dayton down to Miamisburg as a test run for one of the Dayton Brewvet rides. What is that, you ask? You’ll find out soon enough, so have no fear. Not surprisingly, it will combine bike riding and beer. And if that isn’t a win win situation, I don’t know what to tell you. So be prepared: I’ll expect all of you to be ready to jump on those bikes and ride when the time comes!

My plan was simple enough. Ride down to Star City in Miamisburg, have a beer, and then ride back home. Sadly, nothing was in the mood to cooperate today. First, it was like a gazillion degrees out today. Second, there was a headwind all the way down to Miamisburg (well, at least the return trip was easy with the tailwind all the way home). And third, Star City was closed. Yes, I should have seen that one coming. But since I always just assume beer will be freely flowing at all hours, I was still a bit shocked. While they did open at 4:00, I didn’t think that hanging out for two-plus hours on their patio was a proper investment of my time. So I instead headed for home in the sweltering weather, wondering why bad things happen to good people. Actually, that’s a bold-faced lie. I really wondered about what beer I would have when I got home as a reward, and then thought about this blog post and my waiting lunch, all three subjects far more promising (and interesting) to speculate upon than the nature of evil.

Finally, as you can tell from the Strava map (at least maybe you can tell—my phone does a terrible job of mapping my ride, making it look like I ride straight direct lines over rivers, lakes and highways), besides the trip to Miamisburg, I put in some extra miles on the bike path for fun, and also rode around my neighborhood looking for apartments for rent for a friend moving to Dayton. The trip to Miamisburg and back covered about 25 miles of my 40 mile ride. Not that all the rides will be this long, mind you. But the occasional long ride is good for you! More soon!


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