Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dayton Brewvet Practice Ride #2

Another (and by far more successful) Dayton Brewvet practice run; this one was to Yellow Springs Brewery, and everything went swimmingly. I took the scenic route, which means that I rode on the bike path as much as possible, which makes for slightly longer than 54 mile round trip: it was 27.3 each way on my odometer, while Strava said it was 25 each way. I’m trusting the odometer, as Strava had me biking through the middle of neighborhoods and shopping centers. A fun way to bike, maybe, but not the route I took.
The route was to head to Riverscape, and then follow the Mad River Trail towards Eastwood Metropark, where I caught the Creekside Trail towards Xenia. I left the Creekside Trail before I got to Xenia proper, cutting across the Greene County Fairgrounds. The Fairgrounds are after the Kil-Kare Speedway (which you can’t really miss); after crossing the street behind Kil-Care, there will be a wooden bridge off the right hand side of the bike path a little over a half of a mile down—take this, follow it up, cut across Fairground Road and follow the path through the fairgrounds and out the back; you’ll get dumped on Alameda Drive, where you’ll take a right on Purcell and then another right on Hollywood. Follow Hollywood to the stoplight. Cross Detroit, and take a left on the Little Miami Scenic Trail, which will run you all the way up to the back of Yellow Springs Brewery—after passing through downtown Yellow Springs, you’ll see their patio over-looking the bike path. This route took me 1:50 on the way there, and 1:40 on the way home (it is a slight uphill most of the way there; either than, or I was powered by beer on the way home).
If you want to shave a few miles off the above route, you can always take Xenia Ave. (off Wayne Ave.) to Linden Ave.; take a right on Linden, and follow it across Smithville to the Iron Horse Trail (which crosses Linden); take a left on the trail, and right under 35 (you’ll be turning onto the trail going under 35, so only about 100 yards), Iron Horse hooks up with the Creekside Trail. This will cut about 3.5 miles, leaving you 23.8 each way. Personally, I prefer the bike path, but that’s me.
And as to the beers: after all, that is much more fun to talk about then bike path routes. I started with Zoetic Galaxy, which was crisp and fresh with lots of hop flavor and aroma, specifically citrus and tropical fruit. There is a nice balance between the malt body and hop flavors, with just enough bitterness and carbonation to refresh the palate and leave you wanting more. Next, I had Daily’s Comet, a 3.8% ABV saison that drinks just about perfect for summer: light and bright with hints of hay and grass. It is such easy drinking that it will be gone before you know it! And then it was time to hit the trail for the ride home.
I’ll be posting information on the Dayton Brewvet shortly! Stay tuned! And prost!