Wednesday, January 13, 2010

197. Elysian Loser Pale Ale

This marks our third beer from Elysian; the last two were Avatar Jasmine IPA and The Immortal IPA. Loser was brewed to celebrate 20 years of Sub Pop records—the picture on the label is of Mudhoney. My favorite Sub Pop artist is Steven Jesse Bernstein—he rocked my world back in the day. More Noise Please, Or, Thank You for Making Noise. And if you’ve never heard of Sub Pop, may Nirvana have mercy on your soul. I saw Mudhoney play in the old Crocodile Cafe back in around ’94—it was some sort of birthday party for Mark Arm, and much of the Seattle music crowd was in attendance. Eddie Vedder was there, and spent the whole night looking disgruntled and like he needed a hug, but his 6’ 6” 250 lb. bodyguard said otherwise. Inadvertant kind gesture? I’m sorry, meet Mr. Fist.

Pouring out Loser, we can almost taste the grunge already...

Loser has a toasty sweet malt aroma with low levels of hop spiciness; the hazy aged copper color (it has a fine patina on it) works well with the creamy white head, which laces the glass rather well. Loser starts bready, biscuity, and caramelly; most of the sweetness drops out in the middle, allowing low levels of bitterness to come through along with a slight dry maltiness—almost cracker-like—in the middle before ending dry and clean with low levels of lingering hoppiness. Medium-bodied (not like Tad) with medium carbonation bite, Loser has a dry mouthfeel that is slightly paper-y. Interesting and most certainly for a worthwhile cause, but as beers go, it is not super-exciting (although it does kick the crap out of Avatar Jasmine IPA). We’d both happily drink it again, but we’re not sure we’d search it out, unless we were ready with all of our appropriate Sub Pop references.

From the bottle: “Celebrating 20 years of celebrating Sub Pop Records, with beer. Specifically, this beer: Brewed with Pale, Munich, Crystal and Cara-hell malts. Bittered with Sorachi Ace & finished with Crystal hops.”

ABV: 7.0%

This one might make up for the Jasmine IPA...


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