Saturday, January 30, 2010

214. Two Brothers Bitter End

This is our fourth beer from Two Brothers: we’ve enjoyed Heavier-Handed, Moaten (the collabo with Urthel) and Cane & Ebel. We had this on tap at the Trolley Stop, where we got to watch Skilless Villains do a cover of Miley Cyrus. Seriously. Totally awesome and hi-larious.

Damn good beer. Even better on tap. We didn’t take notes. Our bad, but you’ll live. The beer is awesome, however.

Bitter End is a bullseye! (How is that for cheesy?)

From the Two Brothers website: “The Bitter End is a classic American pale ale that has a subtle malt character and noticeable hop flavor and aroma. We use three American hop varieties to add a citrus and floral hop complexity making this an incredibly drinkable beer.”

Villains doing their thang (and yes, my cell phone camera blows)


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