Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Vagabond Beer Contest

In honor of two of our more recent beers, Drifter Pale Ale and Grifter IPA, I am instituting our second official contest: the best vagabond-themed beer. After the stunning success of our first contest, which absolutely no one even acknowledged, I am officially declaring Crazy Horse Malt Liquor the Worst Beer Label in the History of the Entire Universe. What, you want to dispute that? Too bad. Maybe you should have spoken up earlier. Thank god they finally stopped making it...

For this contest, we want to hear about your best hobo-inspired beers. Feel free to go as far as you’d like to develop your ideas—you want to offer us the advertising prose that goes with your beer? Please do. You want to construct the label that would present your beer to the world? We’d be happy to see it. To start off the contest, Elli has come up with Sterno Can Stout: “Sterno Can Stout has a dark roasted warming flavor with plenty of antiseptic hops to kill off whatever germs your bottle-mates may be carrying. So feel free to share this one—it’s perfect for handing around the barrel-fire on a cold winter night or keeping you warm huddling under a bridge abutment when fire ain’t an option.”

And yes, Hobo Brewing has already been thought of...where do you think I found the photo above?

Winner gets dinner & beer on me at South Park Tavern on a Monday night—their half-price pizza is keeping with the theme of the contest. And while I encourage entries from far and wide, I’m in for dinner, but not for travel. Sorry—what we’re drinking ain’t paying the bills, if you know what I mean.

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