Monday, December 21, 2009

The Biggest Loser: Worst Beer Label Ever

A couple of months ago, I provided two examples of some of the worst beer labels in all of existence (included here). To that, I’m certain Elli would add the general leanings towards wine-label-influenced beer labels, which, as she argues, will be the downfall of the brewing industry (see her comments on the label for Deschutes Red Chair IPA), or at least will herald the rise of a level of pretentiousness in beer marketing and consumption that will require all of us who consume such products to collectively kick our own asses.

With that in mind, what other contenders for the worst label of all time are out there? Send me your examples of crappy labels, and tell me why they suck. If we actually get any viable candidates (since I am still under the basic assumption that this blog is really just a fancy version of me talking to myself), we’ll have a vote to determine which one is the crappiest beer label in the history of the universe (the worst examples of inflated beer hyperbole will come later). Otherwise, I’ll just exert my despotic powers and choose which label annoys me the most. So stand up to fascism, and send me something.

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