Tuesday, December 29, 2009

182. Half Acre Daisy Cutter Pale Ale

Our second beer from Half Acre Beer Company; our last one was Baumé, their hoppy rye stout. Daisy Cutter has a pleasant hop and malt nose; the hop aroma is floral and slightly spicy, and the malt is pretty straight forward malt—there is not any real bready or biscuit aromas, and no real fruit either. The beer pours a hazy copper, although it could potentially be much clearer—I didn’t realize this was bottle conditioned, so I just dumped it all in; the head is an off-white ivory with decent retention. Daisy Cutter starts with a soft sweet malt front, along with some light biscuit flavors. As Elli offers, “it’s not as good as I would have hoped; it’s like a biscuit with too much sugar on it.” The sweetness does dominate the front, but I am not so sure it is egregious as Elli implies. The middle is characterized by mild bitterness and some spicy hop flavor, and Daisy Cutter finishes dry and biscuity—there is more biscuit in the end than in the front—with some lingering spiciness. Medium bodied with medium carbonation; the carbonation bite merges nicely with the bitterness to create a delightful tang in the mouth. Solid and very drinkable across the board. Elli is more disgruntled than I am about this beer; she thinks it is a bit too mild all around, although most of her comments did center on “why this is not an IPA.” When I reminded her it wasn’t an IPA, she sneered and said that this confirmed that we should be drinking more IPAs. She did concede that she would be happy to have this served to her on tap. Me, I like this as it is—the hoppiness is pretty big, but not for an American Pale Ale, although it does taste more West Coast than Chicago. The front is a bit soft, and it could use a bit more complex malt flavor to build the body, but overall, it was very enjoyable, and the spiciness of the hops gave it a nice touch.

From the Half Acre website: “A West Coast Pale Ale chock-full of dank, aromatic hops. This one's a screamer, horde it.”

I guess I get bonus points for calling that one...

ABV: 5.2%


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