Wednesday, December 23, 2009

176b. Hood Canal Dabob Bay IPA

Dabob Bay IPA (like how that rhymes?) comes from the Hood Canal Brewery in Kingston, WA. There’s also a nice oyster that comes from Dabob Bay—give me two dozen of those and a couple of bottles of this, and I’ll call it a good evening.

Dabob Bay IPA has a grassy hop and slightly metallic nose; flowing a clear and slightly light copper into the glass, it also has a light white head. Beginning with a dry, flat biscuit malt front, Dabob Bay IPA moves into bitterness in the middle without any discernable hop flavor. The finish is dry & crisp with more bitterness that lingers nicely on the palate. Medium bodied with a dry but lightly creamy mouthfeel; the carbonation was medium to low, leaving the work to the flavor profile. Dabob Bay IPA was enjoyable, but not extremely exciting. The hops are mostly in the bitterness, making this more of an English IPA, especially with the lower levels of carbonation.

From the Hood Canal website: “Dabob Bay IPA has a golden color and prominent hop flavor provided by numerous hop additions during the boil and dry hopping in the kegs. The supportive malt flavors and body make this ale a great multi-dimensional beer.”

ABV: 6.7%
IBU: 63
OG: 1.066
FG: 1.016


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