Monday, December 21, 2009

174a. Avery Ellie’s Brown Ale

Ellie’s Brown Ale clocks in as our third beer from Avery; the last two were the 16th Anniversary Ale and duganA IPA. Who didn’t see this beer coming down the pipeline at some point during our year long fiasco?

Buddy is less excited by this beer...

Ellie’s Brown Ale pours a clear, cola-colored brown with a thin ivory head, and has a roasted, chocolate-y, and nutty nose—there might be a slight hint of hops, and perhaps a floral/spicy hint. Starting with dark sweet malt flavors, Ellie’s Brown Ale turns nutty and chocolate-y (just slightly) in the middle. It finishes fairly dry, with a roasted flavor along with some bitterness and low levels of grassiness. Ellie’s has a light, smooth body with light carbonation; a very mild beer overall, with notes of roasted, chocolate, and nutty flavors that contribute, but never stand out or overwhelm the beer—it has good balance. The darker malt profile is well tempered by dryness and hop bitterness at the end. Elli says she would drink Ellie’s again, especially since it is her namesake and features a dog on the label. After all, when don’t dogs on the label make something better?

From the bottle: “Ellie’s Brown Ale is a chocolate colored and mild-mannered brew, with a medium body and a slight nutty character, just like our dog. And, of course, it’s been ‘Lab-Tested.’ Brewed with Rocky Mountain water, malted barley, hops, and yeast.”

From the Avery website: “This beautiful, deep russet brew has the sweet and somewhat nutty character of Adam Avery’s late (1992-2002) Chocolate Lab, for which it is named. Crystal and chocolate malts give this beer a brown sugar maltiness with hints of vanilla and nuts, while subtle hopping gives it an overall drinkability that’s second to none, just like Ellie!”

ABV: 5.5%
OG: 1.056
IBU: 17
Malts: 2-row, Chocolate, Munich 10L, & Caramel 120L
Hops: Bullion, Cascade, & Fuggles


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