Sunday, May 2, 2010

306. Clipper City IPA Cask

Which, as the connoisseur among you knows, is really just a different name for Heavy Seas Loose Cannon. But for some reason, the Pub thinks that listing it as Clipper City is somehow more appropriate. Thus, this is our second version of the same beer, although this one wasn’t dry hopped in the keg like the 420 cask was. And that, from our perspective, makes this a different beer. Plus, we got to drink another cask beer, which is always cool. And, since it is our game, we win.

We won’t be so lame as to just refer you to our comments on the last version (although we could). And, for the record, this one was served to us in a snifter, which did help with the nose. Pouring copper colored with a creamy white head, Clipper City IPA/Heavy Seas Loose Cannon has lots of hop aroma in the nose, but not so much in the flavor. The beer starts with caramel and moves into a good dose of bitterness in the middle, finishing with some lingering spicy bitterness. Clipper City IPA has a creamy, soft mouthfeel and a delicious fresh taste to it, although a larger hop presence in regards to flavor would have been nice in the middle. Cest la vie. Glad we got to try this to compare it with the 420 cask; both were nice, but the fresh hop flavors of the 420 cask win out hands down. Sorry, but it’s true.

From the Clipper City website: it just takes you to Heavy Seas. Here’s what we found last time. Although this one doesn’t get the Hop4 rating...

ABV: 7.25%


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