Friday, May 28, 2010

332a. Anchor Porter

Another beer from Anchor Brewing; we’ve sampled Liberty Ale, Anchor Steam and Christmas Ale 2009, which means this is our fourth beer from Anchor Brewing. Since I was still in San Francisco, this was Elli’s way of both sharing the moment and drinking a good beer from a good brewery so that we didn’t have to share it later. And I understand—after all, I was in San Francisco.

Out of the bottle, Anchor Porter pours a dark brown with red hints and a voluminous tan head; the nose is equal parts roasted and chocolate aromas. There is not much sweetness in the flavor; starting with a chocolate malt flavor that continues throughout the course of the beer, Anchor Porter has a roasty, nutty middle with hints of burnt malt flavor before finishing dry and bitter. The body is medium with a medium to low carbonation and a fairly dry mouthfeel throughout. A very tasty and enjoyable beer—another winner from Anchor Steam.

From the Anchor website: “Anchor Porter is a unique dark brew, which was introduced by Anchor in the early 1970s. Anchor Porter, like all of Anchor Brewing Company’s products, is brewed with only natural ingredients. Specially roasted dark malts are used, along with a top-fermenting yeast. The brew is hopped at a very high rate, and is naturally carbonated to produce an intensely rich flavor and thick creamy head. The rich flavor of Anchor Porter has earned this delicious and unique brew a worldwide reputation for outstanding quality. We use specially roasted malts, a top-fermenting yeast, and only fresh whole hops, which are added liberally. All this combines to produce a rich and intense flavor with subtle notes of chocolate, toffee, and coffee.”

ABV: 5.6%


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