Friday, March 8, 2013

Rockit Cup Belgian Pale Ale: Recap

Less than a month turn-around time, and we still had five brewers for this installment of the Rockit Cup Belgian Pale Ale. Stupendous! Those five included myself, Jon Vanderglas, Wes Davis, Brian Gallow, and Matt Young. Let’s hope we get solid turn out like this next month for the April Single-Hop Session IPA, which is also the 2nd Anniversary of the Rockit Cup. Terrible twos indeed!

Five beers made for a much more manageable tasting and ranking, and the plastic cups helped as well. As well, while all were similar, the two different yeasts did stand out: we had three with 3522 and two with 570. The overall rankings were:

1st: Jon Vanderglas
2nd: myself
3rd: tie between Matt Young & Wes Davis
5th: Brian Gallow

Wes and I were the two who used 570; both beers had a creamier, more rounded mouthfeel that those made with 3522. Mine had more banana, while his was more phenolic, but otherwise very similar. Jon’s version was the hoppiest of the five, which probably helped him to victory. Also, I do feel compelled to point out: Darren Link, who came up with the recipe, didn’t make it. You can see him ever so faintly in the background, peering over Jon’s shoulder in the picture. Bad Darren. Bad.

See you next month!


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