Saturday, March 23, 2013

SODZ British Beer Fest Judging

Another early morning for yours truly. Jeff Fortney showed up at my door at 7:00 am, we made a quick detour to grab Chris Wyatt in Yellow Springs, and then rolled on to Columbus. The good news: British Beer Fest relocated to Seventh Son Brewing this year, which was a nicer and better lit venue for beer judging that last year. Sorry, but it’s true. While Seventh Son didn’t have any of their own beers on tap yet, the space and the scenery was better suited to beer judging. And more good news: this was again a one flight competition, which means we could hang around and have a beer and hear the winners. Which was an even mix of Frank Barickman, Gautam Bagchi, and Jeff Fortney. Sure, a couple others got thrown in the mix, but those three took most of the cheese. You can check the rest of the results for yourself. My Rockit Cup Mild bombed like the Enola Gay mixed with Rivertown Hop Bomber. Work out that simile on your own, tiger. I’ll just blame Chris again, as it was his recipe. Hey, he said I could throw him under the bus this time.

I spent my morning judging Porters; there were twenty two of them all told, so with the three sets of judges, we rolled through them in short order. For some reason, my pairing ended up judging the extra beer again (yes, the math is on you, dear reader). I’d like to delude myself into believing it has something to do with skill and knowledge, but probably it was more a desire to be finished. After the mini-BOS, it was time for lunch, awards, and that previously mentioned beer, which was Columbus Brewing Company’s IPA in a Seventh Son glass. See? Look at all the light inside the bar!

After the awards, we rolled back to Yellow Springs, where the lot of us got to enjoy some beers and snacks at Yellow Springs Brewery—they were having a small gathering for everyone who had volunteered to help. Don’t you all worry: they’ll be opening soon so you can get yours—April 13th is the Grand Opening!


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