Saturday, March 7, 2015

Bockfest 2015 Beer Judging

Git’cher goat on, people. Time once again for Bockfest, and much last last year, this was a mercenary trip, although I did make one brief side trip after judging to score free buttons from James Billiter, who was set up at Arnold’s Craft Menagerie. But after the buttons, I got the hell out of dodge. 

Since it was Bockfest, it should come as no surprise that I judged Traditional Bock beers. In fact, I believe this marks the third year in a row I’ve judged bock beers . Maybe longer. I did judge Dopplebocks once, but who remembers when the hell that was? Obviously not me. Other than that, though, straight Traditional Bock. Sorry, I am still dreaming of the underground labyrinthine caves beneath all this goat-inspired madness. But I digress. Three groups of us judged all those Traditional Bocks, did a mini-BOS, and declared a winner. I’d pass along a link to the list of winners, but my internet sleuthing skills have failed me yet again. And I didnt stick around to hear the names of the winners—like I told you, I got the hell out. 


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