Thursday, August 13, 2009

44. Nuova Mattina

Described as a “New Morning Ale brewed with spices (ginger, coriander, green pepper, and chamomile)” on the bottle, Nuova Mattina is from Birrificio del Ducato in Roncole Verdidi Busseto, Italy.

Nuova Mattina has a floral, zesty bouquet with notes of coriander and chamomile. The soft, cloudy burnished gold color works well with the white head and small bubbles. It has a soft malty beginning and then a spicy middle—both spicy and peppery—before finishing dry, with a slightly lingering bitterness and an underlying flavor of chamomile. Nuova Mattina is dry and sharp on the palate; the spiciness comes from yeast and ester flavors, as well as the spices added to the beer. The carbonation is good but not obtrusive, and offers a nice bit of bite in the middle. Overall, a delicious and tasty beer—the saison characteristics coupled with an interesting spice profile create an enjoyable and very drinkable beer. This one is easily a Top 10 Best candidate for the year.

From the Birrificio del Ducato website: “Production of craft high quality beers needs time, are and passion, thus at the moment we cannot dedicate as we want to creation of our web site. If you want to tast our beers you can send us an e-mail, we will answer as soon as possible.”

ABV: 5.8%
Malts: Pale malt, unmalted & malted wheat malt, oats, rye malt
Hops: Hallertauer , Chinook
Spices/fruits/herbs: Coriander, ginger, green pepper, chamomile, licorice,


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