Sunday, August 16, 2009

47. Nectar Cask Conditioned IPA

Nectar IPA is brewed by Nectar Ales in Paso Robles, CA—Nectar was founded in 1987 in Humboldt County, and was bought by Firestone Walker in 2003. This delightful treat was brought to us by our good friends Adam and Jenn who packed us up a couple of growlers from Bierkraft in Brooklyn, NY to bring with them on their trip to Dayton. Why were they coming to Dayton when they live in Brooklyn? Well, that is another story, and we’ll save it for another time. And just in case I need to drive home the wicked awesomeness that is Bierkraft, check out their Twitter feed. I’d subscribe, but I don’t feel the need to be taunted on a daily basis about what I can’t have.

Adam proudly displaying his generous contribution to our selfless endeavor

Nectar IPA had a floral hop nose and a rich copper color. It was a bit light on the carbonation, but since it was initially a cask conditioned beer and then driven here in a growler from Brooklyn, I’m not really gonna kick up a fuss. Starting with a smooth malty sweet front, Nectar IPA quickly moves into a hoppy middle defined by both bitterness and hop flavor, including citrus, pine, and resin elements, before ending with a sharp bitterness that lingers enjoyably in the mouth. The mouthfeel is medium-bodied and a bit slick, with a decent amount of carbonation bite. A Smooth and well balanced beer overall—certainly much more of an American IPA than a British one, except for the lower carbonation level coming from the cask.

From Nectar’s website: “Our IPA is created from a base of Pale and Crystal malts and is aggressively hopped throughout the brewing process with a final hop addition in the conditioning vessel. A beautiful flowery hop aroma will greet you as you dive into this hop lover's dream. A middle caramel presence balances high hop bitterness with hop flavor end to end...learn to love hops!”

ABV: 6.7%
Grains: Premium Two Row, White Wheat Malt, Crystal 75, and Carapils
Color: 18.0 L
Bittering Hops: Chinook
Late Kettle Hops: Mt. Hood and Cascade
Whirlpool Hops: Cascade
Dry Hop: Chinook and Centennial
IBU: 60


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