Thursday, August 27, 2009

58. Highland Kashmir IPA

“The IPA for dudes in kilts”

Kashmir IPA is from the Highland Brewing Company in Asheville, NC. We’ve had it before, but mainly when in North Carolina.

Kashmir IPA is a clear dark gold with a hint of red and a thin white head. Mixed with a buttery malty nose that has a slight hop aroma, Kashmir looks and smells ready to head into our bellies. The light malt front has a bit of biscuit and graininess to it; there is a big hop presence and piney flavors in the middle that carry on into the finish with resin hints and a solid lingering bitterness. Kashmir IPA has a soft light mouthfeel; it could use a better balance between the malt and hops—the two are not well integrated, and don’t always work in tandem. It feels like Highlands is trying too much to make this both an English IPA (biscuit malt and buttery flavor) and an American IPA (big hop punch), but the two don’t work together very well—they remain too separate within the context of the flavor profile. One possible solution would be to provide more hop aroma in the nose to help set malt into middle of beer, or to better marry the front and back in the transition from malt to hops so that it is not all one then all the other.

From the bottle: “A brilliant pale ale with an aggressive hop character balanced with a smooth finish. A bold beer best consumed with a stiff upper lip.”

ABV: 5.6%
IBU: 60
Hops: Stryian Goldings, Mt. Hood, Fuggles, Magnum, Willamette


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