Sunday, September 6, 2009

68. Sierra Nevada 2009 Anniversary Ale

Our second beer from Sierra Nevada; we had this on on tap at Dewey’s. Sierra Nevada 2009 Anniversary Ale is a burnished amber with copper tints and a lacy white head that sticks around better than many other tap beers. The nose is mainly hoppy, with pine aroma and some light malt sweetness. Sierra Nevada Anniversary starts with a sweet bready malt, followed by hop bitterness mixed with grassy, piney, and resiny flavors, and finishing with toasty malt and lingering hoppy bitterness on the palate. Medium-bodied with a light clean mouthfeel, Sierra Nevada 2009 Anniversary has a bit more of a Northwest ale taste as compared to their other products; this beer is a bit more aggressively hopped, and has more complex toasty malt notes in the construction of the body of the beer—it has more body than their pale ale. A delicious and well-balanced beer, one worth revisiting at our first opportunity.

From Sierra Nevada’s website: “This beer is a big, full-flavored ale bursting at the seams with fresh, spicy and aromatic hops. Our 2009 Anniversary Ale is brewed in the style of an American IPA, a style that Sierra Nevada helped create. This beer is a complex brew made up with a combination of four varieties of malts that add a rich and complex backbone to showcase our signature hop variety: the Cascade. This hop produces the big piney and citrusy flavors that Sierra Nevada beers are known for and is one of the varieties that have become the definition for what the new styles of American beers represent.”

ABV: 5.9%
OG: 14.9° Plato
FG: 3.5° Plato
IBU: 46
Bittering hops: Chinook
Finishing hops: Cascade
Dry hops: Cascade
Malts: Two-row Pale, Caramel & Munich


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