Monday, September 7, 2009

69. Brew Kettle Old 21

Old 21 is an Imperial IPA from the Brew Kettle Brewery in Strongsville, OH. We had this on tap @ South Park Tavern. Yes, we have a lot of beers on tap at South Park. That’s because they run through a whole lot of good beer. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

Old 21 has a golden copper color with a white lacy head. The nose is a veritable hop explosion, specifically floral and piney hop aromas. It has a soft dry malt start, but quickly moves into a heavy hop body; there is heavy bitterness with floral, piney, and resiny notes in the middle which drops to a dry malt taste and straight bitterness towards the back, and then ends with a slight sweet creaminess, and lingering bitterness with some final grassy notes. Old 21 has a slick and creamy mouthfeel couple with an aggressive hop profile. It did smooth out as it warms; bit sweeter, and a much better balance with the hops—not so bitter on the backend. Overall, though, a delicious beer—minimal alcohol flavor, and none of the heavy sweetness that marks many of the Imperial IPAs.
photo credit kyleroth

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