Tuesday, September 29, 2009

91. Lilja’s Argosy IPA

Lilja’s Argosy IPA is made by Sand Creek Brewing Company in Black River Falls, WI, although there is nothing on their website to indicate that it is made there—the best we could do was the BeerAdvocate page connecting the two. Maybe that’s because naming your brewery after one of the more infamous Indian massacres of the 19th century means you want to keep your latest offering on the dl...

Argosy IPA has a straw color and a thick, rocky off-white head—it’s “golden fleece colored.” The nose has almost no malt aroma and a light grassy hop aroma. Starting rather flat and with a slightly lagerish taste, Argosy IPA moves into a grassy hop bitterness that ends with an astringency that lingers unfavorably on the tongue. The hop profile is uninteresting—it lacks the flavor and aroma that might help improve the lack of malt in the body. The light body is rather thin feeling; there is some light creaminess via the head, but not much else. Overall, not that impressive—the thin body, limited hop presence and lack of a malt profile leave it wanting. Too bad it’s not a better beer, but as it stands, it is more like “IPA-lite.”

From the 6-pack: “The glowing golden hue of this India Pale Ale reminds us of the muyhologocal Golden Fleece so eagerly sought by Jason and the Argonauts. Jason assembled Greece’s greatest heroes and sailed forth on the Argo in quest of the mythical fleece. On the journey Jason and the Argonauts are attacked by mythical beasts, beseiged by fierce warriors, and seduced by beautiful women. Greek mythology suggests that Argus was the builder of Argo. When building the ship, Argus cut a beam from the divine tree of Dodona, which foretells the future. Unfortunately Greek mythology doesn’t tell whether Jason or the Argonauts quenched their thirsts with beer. However, we do know that you’ll enjoy this premium IPA whether your relaxing in a favorite chair with a good book, or chowing down on fish-n-chips after a rugby match. So, just make sure a six-pack of Lilja’s Argosy IPA is within reach.

Lilja’s Argosy IPA is hand-crafted using choice American two-row malted barley and fresh East Kent Golding hops, the traditional signature English ale hop known for its smooth, mellow bittering qualities and its pleasant flowery aroma. A prodigious amount of hops is added to the brew kettle throughout the ninety minute boil. Under strictly controlled conditions, the wort is force-cooled and fermented using a selected strain of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, a top-fermenting yeast. After several days of fermentation, the wort is now ale. Before bottling, the ale is filtered and cold-conditioned to assure quality and freshness. The science and technology of brewing have changed much in the last 400 years, yet one thing remains true: you don’t have to be aboard the Argo or live in Burton or Bombay to enjoy a bottle of Lilja’s India Pale Ale.”

Um, for this to “remain true,” wouldn’t Lilja have to have been brewing for all of those 400 years? Or am I just being an ass and actually paying attention to the non-sequitur nature of their trite advertising copy? If we had a Top 10 category for annoying advertising copy, Lilja would certainly be a contender.


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