Sunday, September 13, 2009

75. Lagunitas New Dogtown Pale Ale

Our third beer from Lagunitas Brewing Company (first and second); we had this on tap @ South Park Tavern. While sampling the newest Lagunitas offering on tap, we watched the bands set up for Budd Haden’s Second Anniversary show and enjoyed seeing hipster band mates argue over how to split up a pizza. But I digress; New Dogtown was a crisp, refreshing treat after a couple hours of gardening: hoppy hoppy nose, with grass, citrus, and grapefruit notes, and a light tan color with a thin white head that didn’t lace very far down the glass before disappearing altogether. Smooth mouthfeel—there was a crisp bite on the front of the beer from carbonation, followed by a thin body with not much malt to it. The carbonation helped bridge the limited maltiness of the opening, giving the thin body some substance that was both interesting and effective. From there, the beer quickly and assertively moved into hoppiness, both in bitterness and flavor. Beside the aggressive bitterness, there were grapefruit and citrus flavors, followed by resinous notes and an almost stringent bitterness to close, with the bitterness lingering on the palate. A little creaminess became apparent in the opening as the carbonation settles down and the beer warms slightly.

We could see how “certain beer drinkers” might find the large hop presence unsettling and not well-balanced with the body, but we like the overall big hop profile. It would, however, be a tough beer to drink if you didn’t like hops quite a bit. After all, even my belches were hoppy tasting. Which, might I add, was the perfect way to close out the evening, as the self-righteous hipster continued arguing for the merits of their individual pizza allocation plans.

From the Lagunitas website—more of that eccentric vibe Lagunitas likes spinning: “‘Here, Have a beer. It will make you right.’ Ernest said to Tarzan. Tarzan had never had the true beer before and Ernest knew this would not be his last. He Drank the beer quickly. It was cold, and Tarzan knew this too. He looked at the beer coolly. ‘Me Tarzan, you beer.’ Ernest looked at Tarzan and felt old. ‘Vas iz schviss vit da old schtuff?’ Ernest and Tarzan turned to watch as Sigmund entered the room strangely. ‘Sigmund,’ Ernest said, ‘my old primitivo! Have a beer with us.’ Sigmund knew what Ernest meant and he could not bear it. They all had a beer and it was good. Ernest said ‘Do you remember how it was in Stinson with the running of the dogs and how we ate crullers and got drunk on the Lagunitas Pale and stole grunion from the from the young girls at the Cafe de Sand Shekel?’ Sigmund thought of how Ernest could be cruel and he did not answer. He thought how only dogs were not cruel. And also how sometimes a cold beer was just a beer. Tarzan thought of nothing. They all ordered contuuzti del corratzo and spoke not of their big cigars.”

ABV: 6.4%


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