Wednesday, November 18, 2009

141. Scuttlebutt Porter

Our first beer from Scuttlebutt Brewing Company in Everett, WA. They do start with a definition on their opening page, which we always appreciate: Scut*tle*butt (skut’l-but) n. 1. Nautical. A drinking fountain on a sailing ship. 2. Slang. Idle, often sensational and groundless talk about other such as might be passed at a scuttlebutt. Syn. Gossip. 3. Proper Noun. The name given to Cynthia L. Barrett by her fun loving father prior to her birth more than one half century ago. 4. Geographical. The name given to a micro-brewery on Everett’s waterfront by its owner to placate his wife regarding their financial security being forsaken to invest in a harebrained brewery at a time in their lives when things should be a little less hectic.

Scuttlebutt Porter has a chocolate malty nose that is rich and slightly roasty; it pours a deep opaque brown with a creamy head that laces the glass well. Chocolate and roasted malt flavors make up most of the front; there is a slightly biscuit malt flavor that emerges in the middle along with some perceptible hop bitterness, although in very low quantities, and finishing with a return of some chocolate and more roastiness, although the chocolate is flatter and less sweet at the end—tastes more like carob with dry and chalky flavors rather than the sweetness of the front. There is also some slight bitterness in the end—we’re not sure if this is in relation to the hops or roasted malts, but we think it’s the hops. The body is light, although rich in flavor; there is a creamy mouthfeel that is enhanced by the minimal carbonation, which is pretty low and provides little bite. A very drinkable beer overall; it is light and enjoyable enough for a whole night of drinking, especially as it is not overpowering on the palate. Scuttlebutt Porter could have a more complex malt profile—it is good but a bit bland—and maybe a touch more hops, but that might change this into something else.

From the Scuttlebutt website: “Full bodied with a creamy, chocolate, roast coffee finish.”

ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 20
Hops: Cascade


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