Tuesday, November 24, 2009

147. Deschutes Inversion Ale

This is our second beer from Deschutes; the last one was their Red Chair IPA. Inversion starts with a hoppy, malty nose, with pine and resin aromas coming to the forefront. It has a deep orange copper color and a light tan head that laces the glass a little bit. Beginning with a soft malt front, Inversion quickly moves into big bitterness with more of the pine and resin flavors found in the nose before finishing with some lingering bitterness. The body is medium, with some carbonation bite and a fair amount of tongue curling from the large hop presence in the beer. An excellent example of an American IPA; it could use a bit more of a malt profile to better balance out the beer, but overall, Inversion is solid and good drinking.

From the bottle: see the picture below.

From the Deschutes website: “After several months of experimentation, energy and obsession, Deschutes Brewery’s brewers have triumphed once again. Inversion IPA's trio of American hops delivers an over-the-top nose with hints of orange and grapefruit. Inversion is then dry-hopped for seven days resulting in an added hoppy kick. To balance the hop character, Deschutes’ brewers used crystal and caraston malts that weave throughout the beer providing soft, complex caramel flavors. Just like clear days up on the mountain, Inversion IPA will deliver a path to higher ground. Inversion IPA is a phenomenal NW-style India Pale Ale, beckoning all beer drinkers and enticing IPA lovers to invert their world and find clarity above the routine of the everyday.”

ABV: 6.8%
IBU: 80
Calories: 228 per 12 oz. serving


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