Sunday, November 22, 2009

145. North Coast Red Seal Ale

Our third beer from North Coast; the other two are Cru d’Or Organic Belgian Style Ale and Old Rasputin XII. We had this on tap at South Park Tavern, always an enjoyable venue for beer drinking fun.

Red Seal pours a rich copper with a creamy ivory head. The nose is caramel mixed with light toastiness, and is accompanied by spicy and fruity hop aromas. The flavor starts with a clean malt sweetness followed by caramel flavors in the front; the middle is bready with a good dose of bitterness from the hops, and it finishes with dry, chalky, and toffee flavors along with some lingering spicy bitterness. Medium bodied, Red Seal has a chewy, creamy, and rich mouthfeel; the carbonation is medium—it rounds more that shapes the profile. A decent and enjoyable beer, one light enough for an entire evening of drinking, and interesting enough to keep you wanting more.

From the North Coast website: “Malt and hops are beautifully married in this full-bodied, copper-red Pale Ale. Red Seal is generously hopped for a long, spicy finish. An excellent accompaniment to grilled meats and rich sauces.”

ABV: 5.5%
IBU: 42


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